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Latest News
We are very glad to introduce you a new entry point servers to increase of gameplay quality. Now we have it in USA Canada Singapore and Tokyo.
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Good day, you can click on banned (right side on forum), vote for us and get free Credits.
  • 1 vote = 1 Credit
  • 1 ip address = 1 vote
...a little tip for you, you can change your IP (google it how to do this) and get a LOT of FREE CREDITS!!!!
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Good day, RF.PRO players.
We have a new event here, its very simple event.
Players who will move from other servers we will give next rewards:
  • 1 stack box up to +6 items - for regular players;
  • 1 stack box up to +7 items for every 10 player (this offer will be interesting clan leaders);

for more information you can pm me.
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06.09.2015 Update list:
  1. time increased for items (non premium) from 3 to 5 days;
  2. time increased for items (premium) from 6 to 10 days;
  3. MAU generators now moved to box;
  4. doping item price reduced to 500 credits (1000 credits before);
  5. doping from chip now extend time for 72 hours (24 hours before);
  6. added doping to TOOL NPS (you can by doping for gold);
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Great news, players.

You can MAKE MONEY now here in RF.PRO

You can say .......

From today we are launching a RF.PRO REFERRAL SYSTEM.
When player entering the game, he can buy the item - Referal Potion.

Use this potion on your referal (friend who brought you to this server.) and this person permanently receive 10% of all purchases that will make your referral on this server.

More info and video tutorial will come.
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